The Ultimate Signs a Divorce is in Your Future

The big ‘D’ word crosses the minds of many married couples who seem unable to make any sense of their relationship. Although a good percentage of married couples overcome their obstacles and flourish in life, many couples are not quite so lucky. Which category applies to your situation? If any of the signs below apply to your relationship, it is safe to say that a divorce is likely only a short time away.

·    While happily ever after was hopeful, it seems those irreconcilable differences mean more than those vows. This is so often one of the first signs of trouble.

·    If the telephone number of the divorce lawyer orlando FL is on speed dial, it is not there by mistake.

·    Can your spouse recite the Florida divorce statute and regulations by heart? Be very, very afraid.

·    Does watching paint dry sound more appealing than a date night with your spouse? It is unlikely you’ll recover from this depth of tragedy.

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·    Has Snapped on Oxygen become regular programming at your home? Does your spouse seem to jot down notes during the hour show?

·    Sex? You mean male or female? When this is your answer to a question about sex, you aren’t getting it enough and are missing out on the pleasures life was meant to offer.  If other relationship problems exist and sex doesn’t, there is a problem!

·    No one likes to argue with their spouse. If you’re the opposite and take great pride in upsetting your spouse, it is time that you part ways. Life is about happiness, not constant arguments and disputes.

·    If dreams consist of a life without your spouse or with another person, and you wake up with a smile on your face, perhaps it is time to reevaluate the love that you share with the other person.

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