How Does the Per Diem Process Work?

The term “per diem” is something most people in the legal profession know about. However, some confusion still exists about how per diem attorneys work, and what process is involved in hiring one. We will break down all the specifics of hiring a per diem attorney New York to assist in a case at your firm.

Emergency Services

The beauty of hiring a per diem lawyer is that you are receiving an emergency service from a capable lawyer, which would be impossible under other circumstances. How many great lawyers could you find to help your firm within 24 hours? The list will be very short. That is why you turn to per diem lawyers, who operate on a “pay as you go” basis.

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What is Offered?

These lawyers deal in all types of cases, both civil and criminal. It will be vital to find a per diem lawyer who has extensive experience in the type of case that your client is involved in. For instance, you would not want a per diem attorney that deals primarily in criminal law to deal with a civil financial case – or vice versa.

Is It Necessary?

Those outside the legal profession always wonder about the necessity of per diem lawyers. What purpose do they serve?

The reason a firm would turn to a per diem lawyer is two-fold. Either the firm is short-handed and they need a capable lawyer to help out for a week or two, or the firm is dealing with a case they are not experts in and they need a per diem lawyer to help guide them during that process.

When you hire a per diem attorney, you are getting an extra set of hands and expertise. But you remain in the driver’s seat when it comes to your client’s case.